The leading Integrated Observership Program for U.S. Pre-Medical Students, Senior Medical Students, and International Foreign Medical Graduates.

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American International Integrated Observership Program

Setting yourself up for success.

Are you ready to take more ownership of your future? We provide you with the opportunity of a personalized experience while you are on your journey to become a licensed US physician. Our competitive program will fast-track you toward your goals and help you break through the limitations and challenges of applying to a US hospital-based residency program.

Our tailor-made program provides students and medical graduates with valuable resources and individualized strategic management to ensure a successful career in american medicine. We get rid of a lot of the second-guessing and provide a clear framework for your successful transition and integration into the american health system. You will gain a positive outlook and a greater appreciation of your passions and purpose by working with our experienced coaches.



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* USMLE Step Scores are not required (enter OOO if n/a)
* We do NOT Sponsor VISAS



Provide your medical degree, transcript, resume, USMLE Step 1 & 2 Score Reports if applicable, copy of GME certification if applicable, copy of ECFMG certification if applicable, headshot photo, etc.

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Schedule your kick-off CONSULTATION CALL

After registration is complete, all applicants will conduct a 20 minute phone consultation with Dr. Kalan to discuss next steps, program options, and resources available. Please review tuition packages and add-on plans prior scheduling interview. 


Produce results.
Exceed expectations.

  • Explore hospital medicine through more than just observing or shadowing
  • Strategize alongside a personal coach
  • Build new relationships and networks
  • Gain an edge over other applicants during your interviews
  • Distinguish yourself with unique experiences to talk about
  • Boost your curriculum vitae for scholarships
  • Integrate into american culture and learn the electronic health systems
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Browse our database of common questions and get the answers you need.

+ Why should I apply to Medical Obs?

We are the leading program that ties together a social platform and networking experience with your Hospital Based US Clinical Experience to help our candidates acculturate within the USA. This is an understated and important key element that sets you apart when applying to US Residency program.

+ Does MedicalObs require USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 scores prior to applying?

Given the large demand for observership positions and applicant pools, we DO NOT have a minimum step 1 or step 2 requirement. However for our Honors Scholarship Program, we do give priority to those applicants with competitive 99th Percentile USMLE step scores and completion.

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Patel Bio Pic.png
Dr. Kalan was an outstanding inpatient hospital preceptor. Very enthusiastic about educating various disease pathology and pharmacology. All of this helped me prepare for the boards as well as gain great hospital experience. I am currently applying to 2018 US Residency Programs.
— Dr. Urvish Patel, Ross University - School of Medicine
Jang Bio Pic.png
I was so lucky to round with Dr Kalan. He is one of the best mentors I have ever met. He taught me how to present cases with main points in a well organized way. Dr Kalan helped me decide to do a US residency I could not imagine getting here today without him.
— Dr. Hyeon Mu Jang, UPMC Pinnacle Internal Medicine residency
Ben Bio Pic.png
It had been an absolute pleasure working with Dr Kalan during my stride for the match into Internal Medicine residency. As an IMG, I was not well versed on the system and he was the one who made it possible to achieve my life goal. Dr Kalan has a very professional, yet friendly approach to his students which make them comfortable and confident at the same time. A great physician and an awesome friend, honored to have had the opportunity to have him as a mentor during my the road to success.
— Dr. Ben Johns Vadasseril, MD Internal Medicine - Residency Program: Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, Florida